Virtual Learning update

Packet Pickups

Packet pickups for the elementary and middle school will be held at The Riley Administration Center the week of September 7 for parents to pick up ELA and Math workbooks if they choose. The information still needs to be entered online, and the workbooks are not an exact match to the online lesson but some parents wanted extra practice and something kids could do on paper before logging on.

Schedules and Teacher of Record

Daily schedules are totally flexible for families. Some kids choose to work a few hours a day, every day, others prefer to work a bunch in a few days and then have longer weekends. Some work during the day, others in the evenings. There is no right way to do it. That is the benefit of a virtual learning platform. There is no start date, no start or end time. Students are able to work at their own pace. The state used to have a saying ‘Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace’ and that is apt for our virtual learning situation. With that being said, your child will be assigned a teacher of record who will be available for 2 way communication during set office hours. Because of the nature of virtual programming, they will not be walking kids through lessons or having structured zooms. Because students will be at different spots, teachers will be available to assist with content based questions, activate assignments and assessments, and keep your child connected socially and emotionally.   Attendance is logged through program logins and assignment completion, in addition to some 2 way communication from teachers. Virtual students will not have teacher recorded attendance on a daily basis. Teachers of record will look at global completion rather than daily attendance.

Elementary (Calvert Learning)

We are still waiting on usernames and passwords for Calvert Learning. I know this is frustrating, we have voiced our displeasure, followed the process they set forth in a timely manner, but they, like many others are overwhelmed with requests. Just to be clear, will be flexible with end dates for peace of mind. In the meantime, students can login to ExactPath. Instructions were in a previous email but are below:

The account is: appsd1

Their username AND password are their student ID numbers (starting with 200...)


Calvert information should be coming to your child’s school email account. Instructions for access can be found at this link. Here are some resources in the meantime to help familiarize yourself with a virtual schedule, how to log in and additional information.

Middle School (Courseware)

Courseware students should be able to login and see classes. That information was sent out last week and classes will be active tomorrow. If you are unsure how to login to Courseware please click this link for a step by step guide. This is also a good resource for Courseware families.

High School (Edgenuity)

Students should all have access to the site and a full set of classes. Their username is their full email address and a default password is 12345. Mr. Kelley has emailed them access information to their school email accounts. If your high school student needs assistance logging into their email, please see the link in the elementary section. These 2 links are also great resources for students and families