Racial Awareness and Equity Task Force (Please consider participating)

It is with great excitement that I share the creation and commission of the Racial Awareness and Equity Task Force (RAE).  The impetus of the task force comes from recent alumni, who started collaborative conversations about how to revise our curriculum, staff education, disciplinary protocols, hiring practices, and peer to peer dialogue.  

Last Monday evening, in support of the task force, the Allen Park Board of Education passed a resolution stating our commitment to fulfilling these promises in hopes of creating a socially aware, inclusive, and equitable society through education.  We hope that this continued initiative both undoes the inequities in our systems, as well as catalyze positive internal change in our staff and students.  We acknowledge that the systems we currently have in place have harmed our students, and hope to work collaboratively to reinvent those systems and practices to better support our Students of Color going forward.  

We ask you, current students, parents, alumni, staff, administrators, and board members, to join us as our district continues on this journey toward supporting, representing, and advocating for all families.  Together, with our experience and knowledge, we can create sustainable solutions that positively impact Allen Park’s culture.

If you are interested, please fill out this form.  There are sub-task forces focusing on curriculum, staff education, peer to peer dialogue, disciplinary protocols, middle school alignment, elementary alignment, and strategic planning.  On the form, you can indicate which focus area you wish to be engaged in. This is a great way to actively engage in anti-racism work in your community. If you have any questions, concerns, or experiences to share, please feel free to reach out to us personally.  For all of our links, visit linktr.ee/allenparkRAE. We truly look forward to working together to best meet the needs of every family